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It`s all about people

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Companies serve communities and people at the same time. We aim to generate value in a responsible way and to contribute to communities’ development with every completed project.

Our contribution to the environment protection and to communities’ development is visible many years after the completion of the works. The awareness on the impact of our works increases our responsibility and commitment to build sustainable projects.

Generating value for people and society is a priority for SOCOT. To achieve this goal, we focus on attracting and retaining qualified human resources.

We are aware that people are the key to success. We have committed to creating an open and high-performance culture where every employee with ethics and passion can contribute to the community. We aim to attract talented and competent engineers and technicians, offering them an environment to thrive and challenging projects to support professional growth.

SOCOT is committed to developing and maintaining a responsible and sustainable corporate culture that is reflected in how we work, how we manage our operations and how we interact with the communities we work with and serve.

For almost 50 years, SOCOT has executed the most complex infrastructure projects – from complex water projects and dams, soil erosion control and land improvement works, bridges and roads to drinking water and wastewater infrastructure.

Nowadays, this promise is further enhanced by a sense of responsibility towards our employees, clients, investors and community.

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