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Community development

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SOCOT executes construction works that significantly contribute to improving people’s lives and to developing communities through a responsible management of major infrastructure and environmental issues in Romania.

Due to the nature of the construction projects, SOCOT assumes a number of long-term commitments to its beneficiaries, respectively the local communities and the business partners who invest in large infrastructure projects.

Our commitments are expressed in relation to three strategic directions of development: increasing mobility, developing local communities through access to modern infrastructure and efficient resource management, while protecting the environment.

We strive to harness the natural resources and use them to develop the local communities by ensuring access to drinking water and flood defense protection. All our projects involve concrete measures to protect the environment, reduce the impact of human activities on soil and subsoil and to restore the ecological balance through actions to protect the local flora and fauna.

Our projects are intended to protect local communities and improve water supply systems and road infrastructure. We contribute to the consolidation of local communities through the construction and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure in fragile areas with limited access, the construction of roads and bridges, water supply networks to ensure access to drinking water.

We execute new investment projects and rehabilitate the national infrastructure – from complex dams to bridges, from forest roads to mining tunnels, from land improvement works to drinking water supply systems and wastewater management– thus ensuring the sustainable development of local communities.

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