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Servicii profesionale de inginerie: hidrotehnice, infrastructură, construcții




Construim încredere din 1975

SOCOT: About us

SOCOT provides professional engineering services for infrastructure, complex water projects, civil and industrial works, construction of roads and bridges.
We build trust since 1975!


We have a tradition of almost 50 years in the construction of dams and water tunnels, as well as in the execution of river regulation works, drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, irrigation and drainage systems.

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We build efficient and reliable transport networks. We connect people and communities in a responsible and sustainable way.

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Civil Engineering

We build communities for people to thrive, deliver sustainable projects on time and within budgets.

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Our Goals

Talented People

Talented People

Our key to success are people. We commit to creating an open and high-performance culture where every employee with ethics and passion can contribute to community. We are commited to attracting talented and competent engineers and technicians, offering them an environment to thrive and challenging projects to support professional growth.

Environmentally conscious

Environmentally conscious

Part of our operational excellence strategy is to develop and maintain healthy environmental practices. We develop our expertise providing environmental services across our core market sectors, from building infrastructure to water management projects, especially dams and river engineering to mining and residential projects.

New Markets

New Markets

Our world is changing, local becomes global and good reputation stands the test of time and distance. Our teams are involved in several international projects, building
dams, water infrastructure and other complex projects in different parts of the world . We are a sustainable partner and are committed to excellent quality and results.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Increasing the efficiency of our work is a priority and this is just one part of a complex process that starts with risk assessment, tendering, planning and execution. We look forward to the future: digitalization and automated processes, as well as careful review of resource consumption and environment protection are essential for SOCOT.

Our Projects

Dam Isalnita

The Isalnița Dam is located on Jiu River, approximately 12 km upstream of Craiova.

Dam Mihaileni

The Mihăileni Accumulation fulfills complex water management functions in the Brad area, Hunedoara county.

Dam Runcu

The main purpose of Runcu accumulation is to provide the water source for the population and the industry the localities around

Projects of SOCOT

  • Dams
  • 15
  • Dams for water supply
  • 8
  • Hydrotechnical works
  • 72
  • Drinking water supply
  • 36
  • Roads and bridges
  • 29
  • Drinking water treating plants
  • 20



Our Story

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Adunarea Generală a Acționarilor – Decembrie 2023

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